Alessia or Sia she he they (she pref!) 16 black and sasion lesbian ⚢ gemini infp agere

love C my gf & my friends! kdramas cats drawing music plushies games playing piano sanrio crystals pink/purple spongebob plants

notes please dont use pet names with me unless i said its okay. bestie or bff terms are okay tho

byr N this is my main/priv. sb to unf. i barely tweet on here but req if you want idm. if i dont like you i'll just block you. dont req again if i declined or soft blocked you

dni N14- or 21+ unless i interact first. you’re ____phobic or racist. you stan skz or super junior. you’re overly toxic. you dislike/hate on my friends. use aave as a nb.

kpop t nwjns blackpink yukika bibi le sserafim (g) i-dle itzy twice plus other groups

biases j minji rosé lia danielle shuhua hanni chaewon bibi hanni chaeyoung ryujin yunjin